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communicators@cornell is a network of colleagues and communications experts across the Cornell campus.   Among us are writers, editors, graphic designers, art directors, webmasters, production coordinators, photographers, and marketing and public relations staff.

We meet on the third Thursday of the month for lunch to share ideas and concerns, learn from each other's experiences, keep current in the rapidly changing publications, marketing, and public relations professions, and hear about Cornell communications developments.

We were known as the Cornell Editors Group from the early 1980s to August 2005, when we adopted "communicators@cornell" to better reflect our mission and make up (and to give us all more practice dealing with lowercased proper nouns).

Meetings are planned by EGAD!, a cross-campus group of fearless volunteers. Joanne Button, Gwen Glazer, Gina Giambattista, Beth Goelzer Lyons, Linda Mikula, Ann Morse, Kelly Speiser, and Julie Waters never spell EGAD! out for obvious reasons, but if you must know, it stands for Editors Group Administrative Directors (and no, it's not changing to reflect the new name).

CU-communicators-L Mailing List

The CU-communicators-L mailing list is how you find out about our monthly meetings, and ask questions or solicit opinions about communications, marketing, and editorial issues.

Anyone within the Cornell community is welcome to join this mailing list and post messages to it as long as s/he remains civil.   Replies go to the sender.   Messages sent to this list are not edited or moderated in any way.

To subscribe, send e-mail to with your first line of text reading:

Please remember to:

  • Send this message from the e-mail address where you want to receive our messages
  • Send the message in plain text (that is, no formatting, font styles, or HTML code)
  • Leave the subject line of your email blank

Facebook page for communicators@cornell

Are you a fan of communicators@cornell? Join us on our Facebook page.