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September 9th Meeting

Professor Glenn Altschuler
Vice President for University Relations

List of topics discussed at what time in the audio file

03:00 Discussing the role of the VP of University Communications
09:10 The importance of communication at Cornell
12:15 Discussing the Q&A section
15:00 Question and answer session
15:20 What are Cornell communicators *not* saying about Cornell that we should be?
19:15 "Who is Cornell?"
21:45 Who are our most important audiences?
26:00 Glenn discusses his technical skills
27:15 How can we effectively measure our communication efforts?
33:35 What is the role of outreach, and what should communicators be doing?
36:40 How is the "One Cornell" concept effecting communications?
43:40 What is the expectation of the alliance between AA&D and University Communications?
46:30 How much should Cornell highlight the economic recession in campaign and solicitation materials?
52:30 What are the most important messages to send to potential faculty?
55:40 What were your first impressions of Cornell?