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Meeting notes and handouts

Donna Goss and Peggy Beach, December 2010 presentation about CUView, Digital Signage (PDF, 2.6 Mb)

Andrew Gossen, November 2010 presentation about Social Web (PDF, 11.7 Mb)

Professor Glenn Altschuler, September 2010 Recording

Polley McClure's February 2009 presentation about Technology Trends (PDF, 569 KB)

Joe Zappala's February 2008 presentation on redefining the ILR School and its message (PowerPoint, 966 KB)

Patricia McClary's April 2007 copyright tips (including sample contracts) (PDF, 96 KB)

CU style note: the correct usage of the shortened form of Ezra's quote is "Any person ... any study"
(open quote) Any person (space) (ellipsis) (space) any study (close quote)
(per Claudia Wheatley, Office of Publications and Marketing, 8/17/06)

Susan Lang's Mar. 2006 book proposal sample (MS Word, 44 KB)

Joe Zappala's Feb. 2006 presentation on the capital campaign (PowerPoint, 200 KB)

Lisa Cameron-Norfleet's Dec. 2005 presentation on writing for the web (PowerPoint, 252 KB)

Martha Fitzgerald's Dec. 2005 presentation on web design (PowerPoint, 3.4 MB)

Rick Sweeney's June 2005 presentation on developing a "brand" (PowerPoint, 436 KB)

Sept. 2005 Cornell Chronicle article about the communicators@cornell group

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